Hi, I am Stephen Williams and in 2014 I founded SO FM – Strategic to Operational Facilities Management, in order to assist you.  Since its incorporation SO FM has won multiple awards.

A few years ago, I recognised that there was a vast amount of people who had, amongst many other responsibilities, the day-to-day responsibility for their organisation’s facilities. However, they did not have the title of facility manager/facilities manager, instead, they had one of a plethora of other titles.

The overwhelming majority of these people did not have any formal training in facilities management (FM). Instead, they relied predominantly upon contractors and suppliers to provide them with the answers they needed when issues arose. They also received advice from well-meaning colleagues whom themselves had not received any training in FM. And typically, over half of their time was spent being reactive to issues, which when having been resolved just seemed to create another issue. And all the while being pressured to reduce costs or seeing their budgets cut.

There appeared to be no external independent FM consultant that they could turn to for bespoke advice on resolving the issues they were encountering. And certainly, not one that was within their budget.

That is when I decided to start SO FM and provide an independent FM consultancy service. This service is for the issues you are facing or endeavouring to deal with in order to prevent them from becoming future problems. These issues will have arisen for a variety of reasons – but assistance for you is now at hand.

I also provide bespoke facilities management training courses and assessing services for the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) qualifications.

My fee structure includes hourly rate, day rate, fixed fee and I also offer an annual retainer option.


Independent FM consultancy service


Courses delivered externally or in-house



Assessing is completed externally



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