EXPERIENCED Facilities Management ASSESSOR


As an experienced facilities management consultant, trainer and assessor I understand how assessing can impact upon both your own and your organisation’s future development. Assessing both fosters individual learning and encourages both organisational learning and development, which is a win-win.

Assessing facilities management teams

I offer assessment of the members in a facilities management team. Assessments can either be in accordance with a professional framework or specific to the organisation’s needs. Their use instantly identifies knowledge gaps. These can adversely impact upon the FM service delivery that the organisation is receiving and/or excessively exposes it to litigation.

Assessing IWFM (BIFM) coursework

For IWFM (formally BIFM) qualifications at Levels 3 to 6, I offer external assessing services. These services can be on a full term or temporary basis, i.e. one or more of your current assessors may be unavailable and you require some temporary support for your learners.

So why don’t you contact me now and discover how I can assist you?

“…feedback was really positive and well-constructed that it made me feel really good about my work even though it wasn’t an initial pass. Stephen also had good points to make in his notes in my assignment to strengthen my answers. I also liked the suggestion of a reflection on learning diary as I’ve not heard of that before.”

“I just wanted to email to thank you for all the feedback you have given me for the assignments completed for my Level 4 qualification.  I really did find your feedback helpful and as a result am now keeping a learning diary which already has many entries.”