Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to professionals that undergo various learning activities to help them both enhance and develop their skills and knowledge. Studies have shown that CPD can benefit businesses as well as their clients/customers.

The purpose of this insight is to look at the importance of CPD in facilities management. What benefits can it bring to professionals?

Continuing Professional Development Within Facility Management

Increase knowledge of profession

It’s proven that going on CPD courses can help you develop professionally as a facilities manager. They also help you to learn about the different responsibilities you maybe given when managing facilities. For example, you can learn how to communicate with personnel in a more efficient manner (i.e. active listening). You may also develop certain skills or acquire additional knowledge that will improve the way you work. Ultimately, you will be acquiring more knowledge that will aid your professional performance.  This new knowledge is best captured through the practice of Reflection on Learning (RoL), which many professional organisations require their Members to do. RoL also enables personal development planning to be undertaken based upon what you have just learnt – further enhancing your learning experience.

Keeps you up to date

One of the major benefits of CPD in facilities management is that it keeps you up to date with developments within the profession. By regularly attending professional events, seminars, or by taking courses, it will enable you to gain an insight into the latest developments and professional thinking. This is important as it allows you to adapt your role to these developments and ensure you’re providing a service that’s aligned with current professional practices. CPD will also highlight changes in legislation and or regulations pertinent to our profession.

Free Courses

Organisations can currently get fully funded level 2 and 3 courses.  Level 2 courses include, Team Leading, Facilities Services and Cleaning & Support Services, and at level 3, Management. In addition, some subjects can be completed at both Level 2 and 3, including Customer Service and Business and Administration.  One company that provides these courses is The Training & Learning Company (TLC) who were recognised by the Ofsted Inspectorate as an outstanding provider which resulted in them being given a Grade 1 Classification. TLC’s current clients include, Sodexo, Synergy Health, and Tesco to name just a few.

Creates client assurance

The beauty of CPD is that it’s recognised as an ongoing commitment of professionals. This means that your clients will feel far more assured that the service you offer is of the highest quality. They’ll know that you’ve undergone CPD training to hone your skills, advance your knowledge and enhance your professional performance as a facilities manager. It puts you on a level above other facilities managers that don’t undertake CPD. Think of it as your unique selling point, something that makes you stand out from the rest. This is incredibly important as it helps you harness a positive reputation and be thought of highly within the profession.

Helps you be more productive

What’s brilliant about CPD is that all the learning you do is recorded and can be tracked. Consequently, you can be more productive by reflecting on your learning and seeing any gaps in your knowledge that might be holding you back. You can then focus on filling these gaps and become a more well-rounded facility manager.

CPD encourages proactive learning and constant progression. It’s incredibly important with regards to facilities management. The role of an FM is complex as you’re in charge of managing services and processes that support an organisation in both its primary activities and core business. As such, there are many skills you need, and plenty of knowledge that you can gain. Additionally, there are aspects of FM that constantly change – such as technological advances and health and safety regulations. By committing to CPD, you can ensure that your professional knowledge will remain current.